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At Dickson Physical Therapy, our mission is to improve the quality of life for our patients by providing expectational, specialized care, empowering them to recover from injury, manage chronic conditions, and optimize their physical well-being.

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Dr. Tanya Dickson


Dr. Tanya Dickson

Dr. Tanya Dickson, a licensed physical therapist in Maryland since 2011, brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. Recognized as a board-certified specialist in Orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association, she stands out as a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Dr. Dickson's focus lies in orthopedic conditions, encompassing spinal pain, TMJ disorders, myofascial pain syndromes, vertigo, incontinence, EDS/POTs, concussion, headache, and chronic pain conditions. Her specialized services encompass a wide range of techniques, including manual and manipulative therapy, dry needling, vertigo correction, pelvic floor rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and lifestyle/functional medicine.

Graduating from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Salisbury University, Dr. Dickson remains an active member of her community. In her spare time, she dedicates her efforts to serving the City of Salisbury on the Disabilities Advisory Committee and the Deaf Independent Living Association, where she holds a position on their Board of Directors.

Patient Reviews

Tanya has treated me for chronic pain over the years for neck and back pain as well as pain in the extremities. Most recently, I sought her care after being told that I would have to accept pain and reduced usage of my arm. She was able to create a care plan that reduced my pain overall and got me back to full usage without surgery. Her advanced training, care, and ability to listen make her well suited for positive patient outcomes.


I have treated with Tanya for many years and many conditions to include plantar fasciitis, broken ankles and hip issues. I continue to return to Tanya because her treatment plans provide relief and results to allow me to get back to life. Each appointment was customized to my issues and homework was always given! She spends time ( which I feel is so important!) providing education on your goals, progression and what to expect. Her extensive knowledge , care and attention to detail are what set her apart!

Amy G

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with Tanya following a serious injury. It is clear that she is dedicated and passionate about helping improve the quality of life for her patients. I appreciate her vast knowledge, attention to detail, and kind demeanor.

Corina Carson